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What People Say About EnduroPacks

Vanessa Renee, Outdoor Enthusiast and Backpacking Adventurer

"I was able to try out EnduroPack's Liquid Electrolytes on this last backpacking trip and was amazed with the results! Trekking around the lakes above 10,500 ft. with a 32 lb. backpack for a couple of days, I knew almost for sure that I would wake up with back and leg pain. Instead I woke up feeling stronger, pain free, well hydrated and super happy that all it took was about 10 sprays of all natural, sugar-free, liquid electrolytes in my water!"


Sarah Scozzaro, Ultrarunner and Coach

"The past few weeks I have been using EnduroPacks liquid electrolytes and I am really impressed. Enduropacks liquid electrolytes is an all natural, fast acting liquid that you squirt into your bottle. It has a very mild lemon-lime flavor, and is not sickly sweet or bitter. You hardly notice it's there. No fake sugars or unnecessary chemicals...just what you need when you need it."

Tina Muir, Elite Distance Runner

"My recovery runs are faster, without putting in any more effort, my workouts have been improving consistently, and I am feeling strong almost every day. I think the Enduropacks [daily nutrient system] has played a part in my body being able to handle all this. 

I put my EnduroPacks Liquid Electrolytes in my hydration pack or water bottle to make sure I am replenishing what I lose through sweat. I even carried a bottle in my pocket during the London Marathon (PR of 2:37)

I am hooked, and will definitely continue using Enduropacks!"

Matt Nelson, Outdoor Adventurer

"As the weather continues to heat up, it’s important to remember to replace electrolytes lost from sweat. For long backpacking days, I always supplement electrolytes in order to avoid dehydration. From the gym to the trail, I’ve put this little bottle to the test and couldn’t be happier with the results! Just add to your water and go! Great taste. No sugar. No sweeteners."


Christina Wood, Strength Training Coach and Distance Runner

"I used their liquid electrolytes on my recent long run as well as some workouts, and I am hooked. I felt great during my run, well hydrated with no leg cramps or GI issues.

The small bottle is convenient to toss in my gym bag or carry with me in my Orange Mud vest. Im definitely a fan! I highly recommend giving them a try."


Chris Payne, Outdoorsman and Fisherman

"In 100-degree heat, for 3 days, it worked great. EnduroPacks Liquid Electrolytes are super easy to carry with you whether running, on a trail, on a bike or fishing all day in your kayak.

The Liquid Electrolytes have virtually no taste at all, so it won’t disrupt any flavors your water or drink of choice may already have. Since it is in a two-ounce bottle, you can travel on an airplane with it as well. Through the times I’ve used it ( a few kayak fishing outings with 100 degree days here in Texas), I’ve noticed no headaches where I used to get them and no muscle cramping. Pretty impressive."

Ted Nelsen, Outdoor Adventurer
Traveling Ted

"The best part about Enduropacks liquid electrolytes is their ease of use. All you have to do is pump about ten sprays into 16 ounces of water. Then shake the water container and it is ready for consumption. The liquid is almost tasteless, so it is perfect to mix with water. It has a mild sweet smell and taste, so it does not alter the taste of water and in fact enhances it slightly. The product contains no sugar, preservatives, or artificial ingredients with zero added calories." 

Kimber Mattox, XTerra Trail Run and WarriorDash World Champion

"The majority of my biomarkers fell in the “optimized” range. I credit this to a healthy diet and a fantastic system of vitamins and minerals called EnduroPacks that support my health, performance, and recovery. Despite a high level of training, my C-Reactive Protein and CRPCreatine Kinase levels were in the optimal range. This indicates inflammation in my body is low and my body is recovering well."

"Additionally, my immune system is functioning well. Most basic minerals, including sodium, potassium, calcium, chromium, and magnesium were in the optimal range." 

Nick Logan, Ultraman Triathlete
Elite Triathlete Nick Logan

"I came away from this trial thoroughly impressed with my findings. After the first few days I could start to feel a significantly reduced soreness and by the 7th day on the pack I had virtually no soreness whatsoever while increasing the intensity of my workouts."

"I raced 3 times over the course of October and I ended up on the overall podium 3 times. One win, one 2nd place, one 3rd place. While this is more of a reflection of my conditioning over the last years I can say Enduropacks contributed by allowing me to train the way I wanted to over the last month."

Devon Yanko, Ultra Trail & Mountain Runner

"In running, it is the little extras that make all the difference. Good sleep, good recovery, proper nutrition and hydration. EnduroPacks products help support these "extras" through a great line of products. I use the glutamine to aid recovery during sleep, the multi vitamin helps to make sure my nutrients are all covered in addition to my healthy diet and the electrolyte spray helps me get back what I lose through sweat!

The products taste great (or taste like nothing at all!) and work in supporting all the hard work I am doing out on the roads/trails and mountains!"

Ashley Crossman, Running and Triathlon Coach
Ashley Crossman of SheRunsStrong

"I’ll tell you what…I feel amazing. I feel like I am recovering a lot faster than I ever have; I’m not typically sore, but if I am, it goes away a lot faster than it ever has; and I feel like my endurance has increased at a faster rate than ever before. My heart rate training is proof – I’m running and cycling faster at a lower heart rate than I was at the beginning."

"My skepticism has turned to belief and I plan on using EnduroPacks all the way through my Ironman training. If you are an endurance athlete who is looking to recover faster and increase endurance and performance, I definitely recommend looking into EnduroPacks."

John Newman, Triathlete and Coach
Coach and triathlete, John Newman

"I track my heart rate variability (HRV) on a daily basis. This gave me a unique opportunity to see if the use of EnduroPacks had an effect on my ability to recover."

"Once I began using EnduroPacks, the percentage of days in the “green” zone drastically increased. This means that my recovery efforts were much more effective and EnduroPacks seemed to contribute greatly. My training volume and intensity remained consistent, and I had 2 very difficult and demanding races. My average days in “green” for 6 months prior to using EnduroPacks was 8 (26%). Since I have been using the system, my average is 17 (56%)."

"My day to day recovery appears to be more efficient and effective. I am able to train at high intensities several days a week without feeling sluggish or weak."

Allie Burdick, Distance Runner

"I started out skeptical and thought “This had better work!” And guess what? After 30 days of consistently using all the products, I can honestly say that I have a lot more energy during my workouts, better recovery and my hydration levels have come way up."

Nick Brodnicki, Triathlete and Coach
Nick Brodnicki, Professional Triathlete/Coach

"I suffer from Menerie’s disease...a chronic autoimmune disease that gives me seizure-like attacks that can last days. Using EnduroPacks while in training and racing helps to balance out the vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in my body so the shifts aren’t so big, my body can stay much more even and the attacks don’t really come."

Bridget Carlson, Outdoor Enthusiast

"I felt no signs of dehydration or electrolyte imbalance. I plan on actually switching to this over what I had been using due to the fact it doesn’t alter the taste of the water, except ever so slightly. I felt, for me at least, that it worked very well. I did not have a headache (which I most definitely would have gotten had I not tried to replace what was lost) after the hike or later that night"


Megan Lee, Distance Runner
Megan Lee

"I found that EnduroPacks improved my athletic performance a noticeable amount and helped make my Chicago Marathon training much more positive and pleasant.

I had much more energy to live my life on my long run days (before using this system I would spend my whole day in bed after a long run!) and was able to even work out the day after long runs which I was never able to do before. I really felt like it made a big difference for me and I am someone who can be critical of supplements." 

Chris Hague, Triathlete and Coach
Elite Triathlete, Coach and Wattie Ink Team Member, Chris Hague

"Towards the end of the first week I noticed an increase in my endurance and I fatigued less on my longer rides and runs. My energy throughout the day also seemed to normalize and I no longer felt that I needed an afternoon nap to get through my evening workout."

"I found that my recovery time was cut in half when on [EnduroPacks]. I was able to recover from my morning session and be relatively fresh for my afternoon workout. In the morning, I would wake up without sore muscles."

Christine Yu, Distance Runner and Health and Fitness Writer

"While taking EnduroPacks, I can honestly say that I had many more good runs than bad. My legs never really had that dead feeling. Because my legs didn’t feel dead during my runs, I also recovered faster.

Leading up to the SF Half and Reach the Beach Relay, I was dealing with some pain in my plantar fascia and my left ankle/shin area. While the aches didn’t disappear completely, they were significantly less bothersome and didn’t inhibit my training. In fact, there were long stretches of days when I didn’t feel sore or achey."

Angela Bekkala, Certified Exercise Specialist and RRCA Running Coach

"Yes. I think it has made a world of difference!"

"After about 2 weeks of taking the regime of products, I remarked to Ron that I was feeling really good, especially in the morning. The aches disappeared. You could say that my body just adapted to the training. But I think EduroPacks helped quite a bit too."

Stephanie Johnson, Ultrarunner & Yoga Instructor
Stephanie Johnson reviews EnduroPacks

"I purposefully started this one month out from my 50k Ultramarathon. I wanted to see the benefits with a pretty strenuous endurance race. I was VERY impressed. Leading up to the race I felt physically better then I had previously been feeling the many months before during my training. I firmly believe that the vitamins helped my immune system bounce back from a bad illness and then kept me healthy pre/post race. The electrolyte replacement is SO easy and convenient to use. That paired with the glutamine tablets at night helped my muscles make a speedy recovery from whatever the training was that day."

"I bounced right back, injury free post race as well. I would highly recommend EnduroPacks especially if you are training for a big event or race. The months leading up this showed substantial benefits for me."

Wilton Tejada, Distance Runner and Running Coach
Running Coach and Marathoner, Wilton Tejada

"My training for the Miami Half Marathon has been going great. I’m able to recover faster from my tempo runs and hill repeats, which allows me to be able to do the long runs with ease. Plus, I’m able to do some cross training with kickboxing, which I wouldn’t normally do, because I thought it was too hard on my body.

What can I say, I found the perfect supplement! It’s easy to take and it helps me recover faster from my workouts. EnduroPacks works for me 100% and can’t see myself training without it!"

Sara Randolph, Distance Runner and Triathlete
Wife, Mother, Runner and Triathlete Sara Randolph

"Overall, how do I feel? Well, first - I must admit that I feel much better than I thought I would after my Ironman event just about 1 month ago. Is it because I've been taking these supplements? I'm not really sure, but I do know that I feel great!"

"My legs and body feel great. In the past, I've dealt with tired legs on my runs but over the last month - each of my runs has been great! In fact this weekend, during my 18 mile run - I ran a personal best of 2:22 averaging 7:54 per mile!"