Liquid Electrolytes - Sugar-Free (30 servings)

Add natural liquid electrolytes to your drink. No sugar or sweeteners. No artificial flavoring. Zero calories.

  • Add liquid electrolytes to any beverage to reduce the risk of dehydration and mineral deficiencies
  • No sugar, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients. And zero calories (makes 30 servings)
  • 13 naturally-occuring minerals improve blood flow and rebalance pH to reduce risks of cramping, headaches, and dizziness

Replenish Natural Minerals. No Artificial Ingredients or Sweeteners

Adding Electrolytes Back Reduces Risk of Dehydration

Add clean, naturally-occurring minerals to your water and help prevent the effects of dehydration. During exercise, travel, or outdoor activities, we perspire, breathe, and excrete liquids full of minerals. Replacing these liquids and minerals is essential for the body to function properly.

Ionic-minerals in this formula help:

  • Improve blood flow and muscle contraction
  • Reduce muscle cramps
  • Support a strong immune system
  • Replenish alkaline pH-levels

No Sugar, Sweeteners, Or Artificial Ingredients

Our liquid electrolyte contains sodium plus 13 naturally-occuring minerals in a liquid solution: potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt, selenium, silica, iodine, chromium, boron, silver, and vanadium with just a hint of natural lemon for a clean taste. 

Convenient Bottle For Quick And Easy Mineral Replacement

This easy to carry bottle is perfect for adding electrolytes to your water bottle before, during, or after any activity. Just add 10 sprays into any liquid as part of your hydration routine.

"I keep a bottle in my bag, making it so simple to just spray into my water and impossible to forget. Light, efficient, and effective", professional runner Ashley Higginson

    Electrolytes For A Healthy Body And Mind

    Our product contains more essential minerals than just sodium and potassium, but WITHOUT the sugar, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients in most sports drinks and gels. 

    "I was drawn to Enduropacks for their Liquid Electrolytes. I have struggled to ingest mineral and salt pills during hot Ironman races. The spray allows me to get in salt and minerals either in my drink or separately and absorbs better than capsules", 11-Time Ironman World Champion, Mary Beth Ellis

    Eliminate GI-Distress And Extra Calories From Sugary Drinks

    Sugars and artificial sweeteners can cause stomach issues and GI-distress for athletes working out. Not to mention the extra calories that sugars contain. Our liquid electrolytes contains NO sugar, no coloring, no preservatives, with just a hint of natural citrus flavoring. "A fresh, clean, taste without the sugar content", said ultra runner Rodney Buike.

    For anyone that has suffered from GI-distress from sports products, this is a great option.

    RRCA coach and runner Nicole said, "This spray is flavorless, and sugar free. So, there's no blood sugar spike...the fact that it didn't bother my stomach is definitely my favorite thing. My stomach is pretty touchy- but this was a go!"

    Add Liquid Electrolytes To Any Beverage For Hydration

    Add 10 sprays of our electrolyte formula to 16 ounces of water or your liquid of choice for during or post workout rehydration. Makes 30 servings.

    Elite runner with Saucony Hurricanes Tina Muir said, "I put my EnduroPacks Electrolyte Spray in my hydration pack or water bottle to make sure I am replenishing what I lose through sweat. I even carried an Enduropacks bottle in my pocket during the London Marathon (PR of 2:37)".

    Find out more about the benefits of mineral replacement and the importance of replacing key minerals by downloading a free copy of the publication, “Runner's Guide To Electrolytes" by Nina Anderson (SPN) Sports Performance Nutritionist.

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