Some Helpful Links To Nutrition Facts

Whether you are new to 'healthy living' or just want to research to find out more, we wanted to give you some helpful links so you can eat and train right! 

You've spent most of your life just eating whatever you thought was healthy, but now you want to learn the truth. Where should you start? You just want to learn the basics for now, and nothing too overwhelming at this point.  

Here are some ideas where to start:

The Nutrition Source from the Harvard School of Public Health has a very informative site on nutrition .

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a site for nutrition information at with useful ways to track the foods you eat daily using apps like .

Or visit health and wellness websites with interesting editorial articles such as and 

The best thing you can do is be curious and read everything you can. Read about mainstream nutrition sites and the USDA food pyramid, and do what works for you!

Healthy Eating Plate


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This article was contributed by Health and Nutrition editor, Armando Gallegos.

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