Ambassador Sara Randolph Completes TWO Marathons In TWO Days!

EnduroPacks' ambassador Sara Randolph decided that one marathon wasn’t enough for her so she signed up to do 2 marathons in 2 days!

This past Saturday Sara ran the Wisconsin Marathon on Saturday and on Sunday she ran the Kalamazoo Marathon as part of the “Earn Your Mittens” challenge. Her intention was to run the Wisconsin marathon to be competitive, but she ended up finishing in a time of 3:17 which was the 2nd place overall female! An amazing result! Then on the following day, Sara finished with a time of 3:30, the 8th overall female. Finishing 2 marathons back-to-back is quite an accomplishment, but Sara finished both of them with times fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon!

Congratulations Sara on such an amazing accomplishment!  Hopefully a testament to what proper training, nutrition, and dedication can do.

Sara is a stay-at-home mom with 4 children (ranging in age from 4 to 10) with a passion for training and racing.  Sara feels her training is my temporary escape which helps her be a better mom and wife. Sara has qualified for the Boston Marathon 4 times, make that 5, and has run 20 marathons. Next up for Sara include the USAT Long Course Nationals in Grand Rapids and Ironman Boulder on June 15th. Please cheer Sara on and follow her on instagram @randosa6 or her blog www://