EnduroPacks Is Proud To Announce Two New Sponsorships As We Continue To Help Endurance Athletes Get The Most Out Of Their Training

July 18, 2014

EnduroPacks is proud to announce our expanding sponsorship roster by adding the Fusion Cycles Racing Team out of Arizona, to its previously announced sponsorship of Dave Jordan Racing Team in New York.  In addition, EnduroPacks has recently partnered with Hudson Valley Triathlon Club to support the team and its upcoming race schedule.

With our exciting new partnerships we’re expanding the list of organizations and individual athletes that can utilize the benefits of training with a daily system of vitamin and mineral replacement.

Fusion Cycles specializes in providing custom, hand-painted, carbon fiber time-trial and road bikes to athletes worldwide. Each bike is tailored to the individual athlete in terms of colors, theme, and artistic layout. Fusion Cycles is proud to support Team Fusion’s athletes who are at all levels of sport and across a wide variety of disciplines. Their goals are to partner with young and upcoming athletes who support and believe that “riding loud” is an important part in cycling and triathlon! 

Meet Holland Smith, the Head Fusion Ambassador. She is an elite triathlete who was born in 1997. She finished her first triathlete when she was only six years old! In 2012 she decided to dedicate herself to the sport of triathlon and set goals to become a professional triathlete. This 2014 season, she plans to compete as an Age Group Elite athlete with goals of earning her pro card by the end of the season!


Meet Fiona Murphy, a sponsored athlete and triathlete of Fusion Cycles. Fiona is 16 years old, and has been competing in triathlons for about five years. Last year, Fiona competed at nationals, as well as the Flatland ITU triathlon in Iowa and the ITU Qualifier.


The Hudson Valley Triathlon Club is located two hours north of NYC and hosts a 4-race Summer Tri-Series (June-September) for athletes that are beginner to pro at beautiful Wilson State Park in MT. Tremper, NY.


Find out more about our exciting partnerships: http://www.triathlonbusiness.com/2014/industry-news/enduropacks-sponsors-dave-jordan-racing-team-and-fusion-racing-team/

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