Triathlon Mistakes to Avoid for Every New Triathlete

If you’re new to the triathlon world there are many things to be aware of. You shouldn’t have to finish your first triathlon to figure out what to do and what not to do. Here are 4 triathlon mistakes to avoid from

Sporting Panty Lines: You do not need to wear underwear underneath your cycling shorts. There’s no need for it, and it can bunch up and cause chafing.

EnduroPacks Daily Vitamins and Minerals Losing Your Bike: It’s common to see new triathletes enter the swim-to-bike transition are and run down the rows looking for their bicycles. The expression may go, “Dude, where’s my bike?” No one moved your bike; you just didn’t pay attention to where you placed it. Get to the race early so you can set your stuff up and give yourself time to remember where you left your bike.

EnduroPacks Daily Vitamins and MineralsMaximizing Your Transition Time: There’s no need to take out a towel after the swim and dry in between each toe. The purpose of this time to get what you need and go. You don’t need to have the fastest transition time at your first race, but you should try to minimize the time you spend in each transition.

Not Knowing How to Change a Flat Tire: Before your race, practice changing a flat tire with whatever you plan to carry on race day. Not knowing how to use your equipment will really add a lot of time to your race.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Do the first race for fun and to get the feel of a triathlon, forget about placement goals
  • Save the beer for post-race activities
  • Control portion size at the pre-race meal
  • Race conservatively and use your excess energy only when it’s necessary
  • Wear socks and shoes you have raced in before, you don’t want to get any blisters 

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