Marathoner Finds Recovery Time Reduced After Completing Half Marathon

USATF Running Coach, Wilton Tejada, Finds Nutrient System Benefits Recovery

USATF Certified Running Coach and Marathoner, Wilton Tejada was looking for what any endurance athlete normally looks for in a sports nutrition products, which is how fast it can help them recover, and is it easy to take. Witon decided to give the EnduroPacks 30-day supply of vitamins and minerals a try once he completed the New York City Marathon.

Once Wilton finishes a marathon, he usually takes a couple of weeks off from running to let his body heal and recover. Wilton knew that EnduroPacks claims to “help athletes recover faster,” so he knew if the products were effective if he could get back to running again with minimal rest. At the time, Wilton was training for the Miami Half Marathon so this would be the perfect test to see if EnduroPacks would measure up for Wilton.

Recovery Runs Don't Typically Feel This Easy

For Wilton’s first long run he went out and ran 10 miles. A week after a marathon he would normally not do this. Wilton normally would build up slowly again to let his body recover. Once he went on this 10 mile run (which was considerably challenging because it was hilly) he put the EnduroPacks Essential Amino Acid Patch on. He then later at night took the Glutamine Recovery Complex pills before going to bed, and took the Liquid Multivitamin in the morning before doing his next workout. Wilton said, “I was so surprised that I wasn’t sore from the previous days 10 mile run! For sure I thought I was going to be sore and not be able to workout but this was not the case.”

Wilton kept training hard and using the EnduroPacks system throughout it all. “The second day (of training) I thought for sure I wasn’t going to perform as well. I was proven wrong again. I couldn’t believe it! I did recover faster and I was able to reproduce the same intensity in another workout a lot sooner than I normally would be able.”

Training for the Miami Half Marathon for Wilton was going great! “I’m able to recover faster from my tempo runs and hill repeats, which allows me to be able to do the long runs with ease. Plus, I’m able to do some cross training with kickboxing, which I wouldn’t normally do, because I thought it was too hard on my body.” Wilton believes he found the “perfect supplement,” “It’s easy to take and it helps me recover faster from my workouts. EnduroPacks works for me 100% and can’t see myself training without it!

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