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Professional and Elite Athletes See Recovery And Training Benefits From Daily Nutrient System

August 08, 2014


And most recently, a number of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tests were conducted which reinforce these benefits to improved RECOVERY.

Chris Hague of Wattie Ink racingElite triathlete and coach Chris Hague, and member of Wattie-Ink racing team, incorporated a pre-, during-, and post-workout system of nutrients into his training. His pre- and post-trial blood tests and HRV tests confirmed what he felt during his training. “I noticed an increase in my endurance and I fatigued less on my longer rides and runs. Then, in the morning, I would wake up without sore muscles." Test results confirmed his body was absorbing more nutrients, which helped his body recover faster following workouts.

Tina Muir of Saucony Racing TeamTina Muir, an elite distance runner, Olympic trialist and 3rd place OA in 2014 Brooklyn Half, had this to say “my recovery runs are faster, without putting in any more effort, my workouts have been improving consistently, and I am feeling strong almost every day”. Professional triathlete James “Kiwi” Cotter, has been using this system in his daily training routine has said, “this definitely helps endurance athletes who put in long miles during training”.


Recently another elite triathlete and coach, John Newman, evaluated his HRV test results following a 30-day trial with the EnduroPacks daily nutrient system. “Once I began using this system, the percentage of days in the “Green Zone” or “RECOVERY ZONE” drastically increased. This means that my recovery efforts were much more effective and EnduroPacks seemed to contribute greatly.” And these results weren’t just showing up in his tests. “I am able to train at high intensities several days a week without feeling sluggish or weak”, he stated.

HRV results show improvement in recovery during endurance training

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