Carbohydrate vs. Electrolyte Replacement For Athletes: A Guide For Athletes

July 14, 2015

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Do Endurance Athletes Need Vitamins and Nutrients To Perform?

June 22, 2015

While Vitamins Do Not Provide Energy, They Are Crucial For Turning Food Into Energy And For Supporting Critical Bodily Functions Used During And After Exercise.

So while vitamins will not enhance your performance by giving you an immediate energy boost, a shortage or deficiency in vitamins and minerals could reduce the likelihood that you can continue performing at high levels for extended periods.

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Runner's Guide To Electrolytes: Electrolyte and Carbohydrate Replacement

April 07, 2015

Runners Guide To Electrolytes

Multi-electrolyte replacement is critical for sports enthusiasts. High volume oxygen intake during athletic exertion oxidizes blood cells faster than normal and increases the change of anemia. Electrolytes are the ultimate oxygenator of all living cells through a process known as bio-oxygenation. The building of muscle and the production of energy draws on chromium, acting as a cofactor to insulin. It also promotes the entrance of glucose and amino acids into the cells to make muscle. A loss of potassium can cause dizzy spells or lightheadedness, especially during exertion in hot weather.

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Athlete Profile: Joan Benoit Samuelson

September 22, 2014

Looking for some motivation for your next big race? What better way to get inspired than with the story of marathon legend Joan Benoit Samuelson. Winner of the 1984 Summer Olympic Women's Marathon, Joan's story of professional running success will have you determined on going above and beyond your goals.

Joan Benoit Samuelson

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