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August 22, 2014

Team Fusion Cycles team member, Anna Peterson, is an up and coming age-group triathlete who started in the sport of triathlon at the age of just 9 years old. After her first race she was hooked. Anna competed in approximately ten triathlons last summer, as well as a few running and cycling races. 

Anna Peterson of Fusion Cycles team, uses EnduroPacks for her training nutrition needs

So far this season, Anna placed well in all of the races she's entered:

4/26/14 Cannon Falls Duathlon - 1st place 19 & Under

5/18/14 Esprit de She Duathlon - 1st place 19 & Under

6/21/14 Graniteman Triathlon - 4th place 19 & Under

7/12/14 Lifteime Minneapolis Triathlon - 3rd Junior Inviational

7/19/14 Rosemount Run for the Gold 4 mile run - 5th place 15-19 yr olds

7/27/14 Chisago Lakes Triathlon - 3rd place 15-19 yr olds

Anna had this to say about how the EnduroPacks products have helped with her training and recovery. 

"Before I took EnduroPacks, I was always tired, didn't want to workout and was at a low point.  Since taking EnduroPacks it's boosted my mood and helped me get over that hump in the morning...the amino acid patches have really helped me recover quickly and prepare me for my second workout of the day...before I couldn't do a second workout but now I can!" 


Watch Anna's review here on her YouTube channel:

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